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Poker-man is a mix of Arcade and Poker,  created during the Ludum Dare 41 Game jam, with the theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres.

The goal is to defeat the 4 enemies with poker or blackjack hand.

How ?

By collecting the best poker hand possible then run into the enemy you think you are gonna beat.

You can also play with Blackjack rules, trying to get a sum of 21 without going over !

 Careful, you can only see the first two cards of an enemy's hand.

If your hand is weaker than the enemy, you will lose the minimum bet amount  

or the amount you personally bet. You can bet more than the minimum when you think have a good hand.

If you lose all your money, it’s game over.

You can attack without risk any enemy that doesn’t have any card if you have at least one card.

Instruction :

ASDW / touch screen : Movement

Shift : Run

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